Customize Your Commercial UTE With Useful Storage

sdbUTE vehicles provide great capabilities when it comes to storage and are commonly used for commercial businesses, but can also be used by individuals. With the huge storage areas that they offer, there are many options that you can accessorize them with. Customize them with dual ladder racks, UTE tool boxes, trays, and more. Below is some great ways to customize your UTE with useful accessories and products.

Ladder Storage

Ladders can be troublesome when it comes to storing them and transporting them. UTE ladder racks make the job easier by providing a safe, easy way to store them. Most ladder racking mounts at the end of the UTE tray and at the front of it just before the cab window. Some models protrude over the cab for longer, more stable mounting. Options include mounts for one ladder or two stacked ones and wide mounts that hold 2-4 with two stacked together on both top sides of the mount.

Bulky Tools

For those of you that haul bigger-sized tools, a tool box that has one compartment will provide plenty of space for those shovels, cement drills, mallets, axes, weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, bolt cutters, and more. This type of box usually opens from the top.

Small Tools

If you need storage for tons of smaller-sized tools, a tool box with several compartments is perfect. These models either open with two lids that lift from the sides with the hinges in the middle UTE small tool storage.

Pieces and Parts

When it comes to small parts and accessories, tool boxes with drawers add that extra sense of organization. Some boxes are strictly drawers, while others may mix drawers with compartments. To better explain this, a tool box may have lids at the top with one or two compartments and drawers below that or on the sides. A drawer-only design is usually a pullout structure from the front of the tool box, but some models have big drawers on the front and smaller ones on the sides. Side drawers provide easier access when you need it to specific items you have organized within each drawer.

In addition to tool boxes types, placement has many options. Some models are long and designed to mount or sit along the sides of the UTE tray from front to back while others mount from side to side up against the UTE cab. Aside from mounted boxes, a lot of them just lie on the floor of the tray and can be placed anywhere you find convenient.